White supremacist reactionaries storm the Capitol.


“Trump is not outside normal politics. He was elected and has governed from the right” David Renton, The New Authoritarians: Convergence on the Right

It is intellectually obtuse to centre all analysis of Trump to a small pocket of begrudged Republican voters. Even Hillary Clinton herself fell into the trap of dubbing his supporters as a “basket of deplorables … racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it” (Renton 2019).’

Polite society enabled the ‘cult of Trump’ to flourish. White picket fenced suburbia enabled Trump to prosper. College-educated white women enabled him; even the…

White Supremacy.

White supremacy never sleeps, so neither should we.

It is time for us to reignite the Black Radical Tradition.

Why do all conservatives have the same strawman argument talking points? Accusing the left of ‘race-baiting’, attacking the ‘woke left virtue signallers’. Bastardising MLK quotes and misinterpreting MLK as being ‘colour-blind’.

One of my favourite strawman arguments is “we can disagree on things and still be friends” usually spoken within the context of human rights; the reduction of social welfare, anti-racism, transphobia, upholding pro neofascist rhetoric, all whilst maintaining that they are ‘socially liberal’ and that they want to offer a ‘balanced’ approach, often starting from a right-wing position. …


Who will win? If polling is any indication: Biden will win. America may be able to let out a sigh of relief on the 3rd November 2020, if the presidency of Trump comes to an end. All be it, this is still heavily dependant on Biden's success in winning the Electoral College, arguable a process that is highly undemocratic, in which, historically we have seen Trump win the presidency even though he did not win the majority or even popular vote in 2016 against Hilary Clinton. Over the last four years, Trump has demonstrated his authoritarian tendencies through various means…


To all the self-professed allies; this one is for you. Now that you have posted your #blackouttuesday Instagram post, what’s next? We’ve seen your black squares and #BLACKLIVESMATTER in your Twitter or Instagram bios, but when was the last time you engaged with the materials attached to the hashtags? Today, yesterday, last week, last month. When was it?

What is your next move now that the ‘trend’ is dying down? What are you into now, what’s your current stance on racial inequality, what’s your opinion on moving things forward? Have you been following up on the petitions you have signed…

Washington Post

Yet again, I wake up to more Black trauma. More Black bodies lynched. More Black bodies mangled and contorted beyond recognition. More pain, more grief; my feed, a graveyard filled with Black bodies.

I wonder, will there be a time where we become desensitized to it all. Will this be commonplace… to wake up and watch the public execution of Black bodies?

What I find as equally disturbing, are the justifications of said executions. I’m so tired of reading about how the victim should have behaved. We’ve marched silently, protested with our hands up and (“hands up, don’t shoot”). We’ve…

Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain in 1492 on three small ships: the Santa María, the Pinta, and the Niña. The fleet landed in the Bahamas and claimed it for Spain, as depicted in this painting.https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/topics/reference/colonialism/

“Britain is the least racist and most tolerant country in the world”. How often do hear this in Britain?

I’ve lost count at this point. However, in the face of very small scale migration, we see all the things that make Britain the most ‘tolerant country in the world’ wither away.

This week, the country witnessed migrants on a rubber dinghy traverse the English Channel. Widespread coverage of this event was given by some of the largest media outlets in Britain, namely: Sky News and the BBC. The coverage of the story was grotesque, to say the least, and what…

Jacopo Ligozzi — Allegory of Greed
Jacopo Ligozzi — Allegory of Greed
Jacopo Ligozzi — Allegory of Greed

On the 8th July 2020, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak announced his Summer Statement — a proposed £30 billion support package to jump-start the economy. The Chancellors support package included: no stamp duty on homes valued at less than £500,000 until March 2021, a VAT cut from 20% to 5% and the most comical of all, the “Eat out to help out” discount scheme. The discount provides restaurant goers with a £10 discount off of restaurant meals, cafes and pubs in August, ultimately to inject some life back into the economy.

This announcement coincided with the new British…

In the light of mass social movement and a global pandemic; BLM activists proclaimed “Black Lives Matter”. This has gained the attention of the global political discourse with regards to exposing institutional racism within society and the legacy of slavery and colonialism. Here in London, the epicentre the largest empire to have ever existed, the topic of racism and the institutions of racism have gained much traction in British politics.

In ‘attempt’ to highlight issues of structural and institutional racism, the British government have appointed several high profile figures to ‘tackle’ the issue of racism in the U.K. …

Archibald Motley
Archibald Motley
Archibald Motley

I suppose many black families do this: after an evening of eating and bonding, the topic of discussion turns to black history and racism (and why Jamaicans are the greatest!). There are many theories thrown around by black families regarding our lack of presence in the history books, but my favourite is my aunt’s contribution to the endless amount of theories “if you want to hide something from a Black person, put it in a book”.

As a young black man growing up in the diaspora and the epicentre of the British empire, I was taught two lessons at home…

Ashley Roach

I write. I rant.

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