White supremacist reactionaries storm the Capitol.

“Trump is not outside normal politics. He was elected and has governed from the right” David Renton, The New Authoritarians: Convergence on the Right

It is intellectually obtuse to centre all analysis of Trump to a small pocket of begrudged Republican voters. Even Hillary…

White Supremacy.

White supremacy never sleeps, so neither should we.

It is time for us to reignite the Black Radical Tradition.

Why do all conservatives have the same strawman argument talking points? Accusing the left of ‘race-baiting’, attacking the ‘woke left virtue signallers’. Bastardising MLK quotes and misinterpreting MLK as being ‘colour-blind’.

One of my favourite strawman arguments is “we can disagree on things and still be friends” usually spoken within…

To all the self-professed allies; this one is for you. Now that you have posted your #blackouttuesday Instagram post, what’s next? We’ve seen your black squares and #BLACKLIVESMATTER in your Twitter or Instagram bios, but when was the last time you engaged with the materials attached to the hashtags? Today…

“Britain is the least racist and most tolerant country in the world”. How often do hear this in Britain?

I’ve lost count at this point. …

Ashley Roach

I write. I rant.

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